» » RSC Drug Discovery: Открытие лекарственных препаратов (31 книга)

RSC Drug Discovery: Открытие лекарственных препаратов (31 книга)

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RSC Drug Discovery: Открытие лекарственных препаратов (31 книга)

The RSC Drug Discovery Series is a suite of professional reference books that will encourage learning in a range of different topics and provide understanding to scientists working outside their own areas of expertise. The competitive advantage of the series is that it will follow an idea through to completion with an emphasis on learning and critical evaluation.
RSC Drug Discovery - серия книг, посвящённая разработке новых лекарственных препаратов. В некоторых книгах описываются как открытия новых молекулярных мишеней, так и новейшие подходы в синтезе (модификации) лекарственных средств. Список / List:
01. Smith D.A. - Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity of Functional Groups Impact of Chemical Building Blocks on ADMET (2010).pdf (27703823)
02. Martinez A. - Emerging Drugs and Targets for Alzheimer's Disease, V.1 Beta-Amyloid, Tau Protein and Glucose Metabolism (2010).pdf (6635589)
03. Martinez A. - Emerging Drugs and Targets for Alzheimer's Disease, V.2 Neuronal Plasticity, Neuronal Protection and other Miscellaneous Strategies (2010).pdf (4293184)
04. Barrish J.C., Carter P.H., Cheng P.T.W., Zahler R. - Accounts in Drug Discovery Case Studies in Medicinal Chemistry (2011).pdf (10576041)
05. Bunnage M.E. - New Frontiers in Chemical Biology Enabling Drug Discovery (2011).pdf (149247125)
06. Avila J., Lucas J.J., Hernandez F. - Animal Models for Neurodegenerative Disease (2011).pdf (2478323)
07. Milardi D., Rizzarelli E. - Neurodegeneration Metallostasis and Proteostasis (2011).pdf (4286050)
08. Giraldo J., Pin J.-P. - G Protein-Coupled Receptors From Structure to Function (2011).pdf (17379514)
09. Blacker A.J, Williams M.T. - Pharmaceutical Process Development Current Chemical and Engineering Challenges (2011).pdf (9795919)
10. Adams J.D.Jr., Parker K.K. - Extracellular and Intracellular Signaling (2011).pdf (13390566)
11. Farrant E. - New Synthetic Technologies in Medicinal Chemistry (2012).pdf (3599069)
12. Wilson A.G.E. - New Horizons in Predictive Toxicology Current Status and Application (2012).pdf (159438102)
13. Livingstone D.J., Davis A.M. - Drug Design Strategies Quantitative Approaches (2012).pdf (6299678)
14. Palmer M.J., Wells T.N.C. - Neglected Diseases and Drug Discovery (2012).pdf (8073334)
15. Braddock M. - Biomedical Imaging The Chemistry of Labels, Probes, and Contrast Agents (2012).pdf (25425099)
16. Wouters J., Quere L. - Pharmaceutical Salts and Co-crystals (2012).pdf (10292832)
17. Woster P.M., Casero R.A.Jr. - Polyamine Drug Discovery (2012).pdf (8242277)
18. Dunn B.M. - Proteinases as Drug Targets (2012).pdf (171429665)
19. Ward R.A., Goldberg F.W. - Kinase Drug Discovery (2012).pdf (8023883)
20. Clark T., Banting L. - Drug Design Strategies Computational Techniques and Applications (2012).pdf (141594201)
21. Morphy J.R., Harris C.J. - Designing Multi-Target Drugs (2012).pdf (11539698)
22. Alonso M.J., Csaba N.S. - Nanostructured Biomaterials for Overcoming Biological Barriers (2012).pdf (180343069)
23. Luque F.J., Barril X. - Physico-Chemical and Computational Approaches to Drug Discovery (2012).pdf (93793039)
24. Dambinova S.A., Hayes R.L., Wang K.K.W. - Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury (2012).pdf (4577234)
25. Genilloud O., Vicente F. - Drug Discovery from Natural Products (2012).pdf (89412979)
27. Jones R.M. - New Therapeutic Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes Small Molecule Approaches (2012).pdf (43262825)
28. Rankovic Z., Bingham M., Nestler E.J., Hargreaves R. - Drug Discovery for Psychiatric Disorders (2012).pdf (10601245)
29. Li M. - Organic Chemistry of Drug Degradation (2012).pdf (23369387)
30. Cozzini P., Kellogg G.E. - Computational Approaches to Nuclear Receptors (2012).pdf (3950536)
33. Horvatovich P., Bischoff R. - Comprehensive Biomarker Discovery and Validation for Clinical Application (2013).pdf (10153109)
34. Martinez A., Gil C. - Emerging Drugs and Targets for Parkinson's Disease (2013).pdf (8191988)
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Название: RSC Drug Discovery: Открытие лекарственных препаратов (31 книга)
Автор: David Thurston / Дэвид Терстон
Издательство: RSC
Год: 2010-2013
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Язык: Английский
Размер: 1.24 Gb

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