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VA - Motivation Training Music (2015)

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VA - Motivation Training Music (2015)

Категория: Сборник
Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: Motivation Training Music
Жанр: Pop
Год выпуска: 2015
Количество треков: 90
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 06:03:23
Размеaр файла: 847 MB

01. American Groove Junkies- Reach You (Radio Version)
02. Miami Dance- Shake That Ass (feat. DJ Absinth) [Club Workout Version]
03. Mykel Mars & Eddy Chrome- You (Afrochuck EDM Remix)
04. The Partybangers- The World Is My Club (Workout Mix)
05. The Partystoppers- Break It Down (Radio Edit)
06. One Two Eight- Sci-Fi (Radio Edit)
07. Melbourne Kidz- Funky Beat (Workout Edit)
08. Agent Juno- Sunstorm (Mykel Mars Trance Remix)
09. Prince Ringo- Disco Star (Radio Edit)
10. Bermuda Twins- The Sun (Radio Version)
11. Ben Arrows- Pictures in Your Mind (Radio Version)
12. The White Nights- Life Is Good (Workout Edit)
13. Veggie Beats- Hollywood (Red Carpet Mix)
14. Made in 1978- Moonlight Party (Cafe del Luna Mix)
15. Party On Demand- House Party (Workout Mix)
16. David Caruso- Open Arms (Radio Version) (
17. Sounds of Summer- Praise the Sun (Vocal Beachhouse Mix)
18. Milkbar Rockers- Till Sunrise (Radio Mix)
19. Deep Azur- So Blue (Radio Version)
20. Rave Agenda- Deep in Your Soul (Radio Mix)
21. Junior Crew- Move With You (Club del Luna Mix)
22. Robby Schulz- Breathtaking (Radio Version)
23. California Sun- Touch the Sky (Radio Version)
24. Cola Girl- Move Your Body (Radio Version)
25. Clarity Of Sound- I Miss U (Mykel Mars Radio Remix)
26. Miami Mafia- Epic Levels (Radio Mix)
27. Discomaus- Running (Radio Mix)
28. Miss Caramelle- Higher (Radio Mix)
29. Million Colours- Holi Anthem (Short Mix)
30. Cash & Love- Supersonic (Radio Mix)
31. Mydca- Everybody (Radio Version)
32. Yaneena- Again (Radio Mix)
33. Ibiza Groove Squad- I Don\'t (Beachhouse Mix)
34. Dr. Nexus- Secrets (Short Edit)
35. Enaya- Waiting for the Sun (Radio Version)
36. About Vegas- Hold On (Radio Cut)
37. Sky Edwards- You Take the Feeling Away (Radio Version)
38. The Loop of Life- Lost in Space (Epic Mix)
39. New in Paris- Festival Love (Radio Version)
40. United States of Dance- Happy (Radio Mix)
41. Tony Wong- Born for EDM (Radio Edit)
42. Audiolove- From London to Ibiza (Radio Edit)
43. Mario Castello- Freedom (Radio Version)
44. Hans Justin- Let\'s Go Back
45. Toxotis- Lonely (Radio Edit)
46. Earsome- Silent (Radio Edit)
47. Eddy Chrome- In Love (Double Deep More Love Mix)
48. Brazil Headliner- The Sunset (Instrumental Edit)
49. Ridgeback- Time to Breathe (Breatheless Version)
50. Jack the Cat- Mousetrap (Club Mix)
51. Afrochuck- Clap Your Hands (Radio Edit)
52. Filtercut- Flash (Radio Mix)
53. Prash- Te Quiero Puta (Radio Mix)
54. Full Moon Funk- Among the Stars (Disco Mix)
55. Big Zero- Sexy Girl (Radio Mix)
56. Double Deep- Welcome to My World (Radio Mix)
57. Paolo Martinez- High (Trance Mix)
58. General Wooky- Hands Up (Short Edit)
59. Danceheat- Can We Believe (Radio Version)
60. Dana Blade- Caliente (Balearic Remix)
61. Cats Love Dogs- A Picture (Director\'s Cut Version)
62. Captain Basscut- Papagayo (Radio Edit)
63. Brooklyn House Bangers- Olympus (Radio Cut)
64. Absolute Dancefloor- Killing Me (DJ Absinth Radio Edit)
65. Dj Rafael Marino- Don\'t Say Goodbye (Radio Mix)
66. Miss Caramelle & Mykel Mars- Our Love
67. Nova Discoteque- Nothing Wrong (Airplay Session)
68. Lady Pink Bitch- Bad Dream (Instrumental Mix)
69. Bobby Escobar- This Is Your Sound (Radio Edit)
70. Kai Sheen- Hot Looking Babes (Radio Cut)
71. Fit for Sound- Dancing Alone (Radio Version)
72. DJ Absinth- Miami in da House (Radio Edit)
73. Epic Beat- Where Have You Been Gone (Radio Mix)
74. Urban Dance Crew- Take Your Time (Instrumental Edit)
75. Hype Intro- Rock the Party (feat. The Quickhitters) [Radio Mix]
76. Head & Phone- Broken Heart (Radio Version)
77. Agent Juno- Sleepless (Bloxberg Radio Mix)
78. Miami Thrift Shop- Under the Sun (Radio Edit)
79. Exit Mars- Heading for the Sun (Radio Version)
80. Dj Absinth Project- Stay With Me (90\'s Eurodance Edit)
81. Hotel Stereo- Out of My Mind (Radio Mix)
82. DJ Absinth- Fuck All Night Fuck All Day (Short Edit)
83. Bikini Sounds- Circles (Radio Version)
84. Aruso- 3rd Millenium (Deepside Groove Radio Edit)
85. Anthem Kings- Start Again (Radio Edit)
86. Skaei- Tonight (Radio Version)
87. The Sublovers- Can\'t Stop (Extended Version)
88. Balearic Kings- Say Oh! (Workout Edit)
89. Mike Rules- Going Crazy (Fitness Mix)
90. Mykel Mars- Keep On Rockin\' (Radio Version)

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